CfP: Wearable-technology Enhanced Learning

I am glad to announce the following Call for Papers:

Special Track on Wearable-technology Enhanced Learning (WELL)
at the Immersive Learning Research Network Conference iLRN 2015
July 13-14, 2015, Prague, Czech Republic


Topic of the Special Track

Wearable technologies – such as smart watches, smart glasses, smart objects, smart earbuds, or smart garments – are just starting to transform immersive user experience into formal education and learning at the workplace. These devices are body-worn, equipped with sensors and conveniently integrate into leisure and work-related activities including physical movements of their users.

Wearable-technology Enhanced Learning (WELL) is beginning to emerge as a new discipline in technology enhanced learning in combination with other relevant trends like the transformation of classrooms, new mobility concepts, cyber-physical systems and the transformation of industries like logistics and industrial production.

This special track is the off-spring of the new SIG WELL in the context of the European Association for Technology Enhanced Learning (EATEL). The SIG would like to use the opportunity to present itself as a new platform for scientific and industrial knowledge exchange. It is supported by EATEL and major EU research projects in the field like Learning Layers and Tellme.

List of Topics

  • Industry 4.0 and wearable enhanced learning
  • Learning Analytics for Wearable technologies
  • Wearable technologies for health and fitness
  • Wearable technologies and affective computing
  • TEL applications of smart glasses, watches, armbands
  • Learning context and activity recognition for wearable enhanced learning
  • Body-area learning networks with wearable technologies
  • Data collection from wearables
  • Feedback from wearables
  • Learning designs with wearable technologies
  • Augmented Reality Learning
  • Ad hoc learning with wearables
  • Micro learning with wearables
  • Security and privacy for wearable technology enhanced learning
  • Collaborative wearable technology enhanced learning


  • Full paper submission: March 1, 2015
  • Notification of authors: April 15, 2015
  • Full paper submission: May 15, 2015
  • Date of the conference: July 13-14, 2015

All accepted full papers will be published with IOS Press as part of the workshop proceedings of the Intelligent Environments conference (IE’15). All other accepted contributions will be published as online proceedings linked to an ISSN number. Authors of selected papers will also be invited to extend their contribution and to be published in a special issue of the Transactions of Future Intelligent Education Environments journal (TOFIEE).

Track chairs

Ilona Buchem, Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany

Ralf Klamma, RWTH Aachen University, Germany,

Fridolin Wild, Open University, UK

Special Interest Group

The EA-TEL Special Interest Group on Wearable-Technology Enhanced Learning

Please visit us on:


CfP: Creative Mobile Learning and Teaching (#CMLT14)

Call for Abstracts

We invite extended abstracts (max. 4 pages, deadline 13-07-2014) to be presented and discussed at the 3rd Workshop on Creative Mobile Learning and Teaching (#CMLT14) at the EC-TEL Conference 2014 in Graz, Austria. The workshop on Creative Mobile Learning and Teaching focuses on innovative uses of mobile and wearable technologies to support creativity in learning and teaching, i.e. teaching and learning how to be creative as well as teaching and learning through creative practice. We invite researchers, instructional designers and developers, students, educators and practitioners  to share and create innovative, creative mobile learning applications, concepts and scenarios.

Creativity is becoming the new value and norm for a modern society and is vital to our survival, crucial for scientific innovation, social, cultural and economic progress. Already today many of the fastest-growing jobs and emerging industries rely on creative capacity, such as the ability to think unconventionally, inventing new scenarios and producing novel solutions. How can new technologies, including mobile and wearable technologies, be designed and applied to enhance creative learning and teaching? Which innovative pedagogical approaches to using mobile and wearable technologies can foster creativity in learning and teaching?

As there is a gap between creative mobile pedagogies and innovative mobile technologies, it is important to bring both sides together to embed creativity into the TEL agenda. The key question emerging is how mobile and wearable technologies can be designed and applied to enhance creative mobile learning and teaching in academic, scientific, work-based, social or everyday settings. This workshop focuses on identifying innovative approaches, practices, designs and developments harnessing the potential of mobile and wearable technologies to enhance creative learning and teaching.

The organisers of CMLT14 are:

For detailed information about the Call for Abstracts visit: 

You will find further information about the workshop on our homepage on Cloudworks:

The PLE Conference 2013: Call for Papers

Now it is official – the next PLE Conference in 2013 will be held in Berlin & Melbourne! Save the date – it is 10 -12 July 2013. The special theme next year is: Personal Learning Environments: Learning and Diversity in Cities of the Future


I am really thrilled about hosting the Berlin PLE Conference at Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin (Germany) and connect with colleagues at the Monash University in Melbourne (Australia). There are so many things to consider and take care of when organising a conference, but so far it has been a great challenge and I have been enjoying it a lot. With all these great people in the organising committee, it has been a real pleasure to plan, organise and share new ideas! To keep it up with the spirit of the past PLE Conferences, we aim to make the next PLE Conference equally interactive and engaging. The PLE 2013 will be up for UN-keynotes, pecha kuchas, fishbowls, workshops and hackathons. We are open to YOUR ideas!

So go ahead and check out the PLE 2013 Call for Papers:

We are looking forward to your contributions!

PLE 2013 •Berlin / Melbourne • • #PLECONF

Networked Identities – an Open Book Project

“Networked Identities” is the title of the open textbook project Serge Ravet (EIFEL) and me have initiated not long ago. The first step of the project is the workshop at the 10th ePortfolio and Identity –  ePIC 2012 – Conference in London. As “Networked Identities” is intended as an open, collaborative project, we invite everyone interested in the questions of:

“How digital technologies reshape identity construction in the 21st century?”

to shape this project with us. The Networked Identities Workshop will be dedicated to collecting the first inputs from the community on the book, discussing book objectives, structure and core areas to be covered. For the time being our introduction to the book says:

“The environment in which we construct and express our identities in the 21st century is being dominated by the ubiquitous presence of digital networks and media. To what extent do digital networks and media contribute to renewed forms of emancipation and/or alienation? How can we maximise their beneficial effects in empowering autonomous identity construction, whilst minimising adverse consequences? Does the emergence of a Cyberspace challenge our current understanding of identity construction? Is it primarily an issue of ‘assimilation’ (integrating new means to do slightly differently what we did before) or ‘accommodation’ (the need to transform our representations and invent new practices)?  What is the impact on the future of education, practice, research, technologies, business models, policies, etc.? Is there a risk that identity-related technologies and regulations might be retrofitted to the ‘real world’ with negative consequences on our freedom? How can citizens be empowered to make contributions to the technology and policy debates on identity issues?”

The Call for Abstracts for the Networked Identities Workshop is at the same time a Call for Chapters and Contributions for the Networked Identities Book. This means you can submit an abstract for the workshop and/or abstract for the book itself. Authors of selected workshop abstracts will be invited to submit chapters for the book.

We are very glad that  Athabasca University Press, a fully open access publisher dedicated to the free dissemination of knowledge throughout the world, has already expressed a keen interest in publishing the collection, contingent on the successful outcome of external peer review.

The digital version of the book will be published under Creative Commons.

We are looking forward to shaing this book with you and welcome first contributions for the Networked Identities Open Textbook!


Quick links:

PLE Conference 2012

Call for Papers for the PLE Conference 2012 is online! Just follow this link:

The conference organisers welcome 1200 word extended abstracts for full papers or 700 words for short papers, posters and doctoral consortium panel participation (please check important dates). Submissions for other types of presentation, such as Pecha Kucha, workshops, symposia, demonstrations and installations are also encouraged (please be patient and wait for a separate call on that).

> For more on the Conference and Call for Papers you can also visit the Pontydysgu website.

This year the PLE Conference will be held simultaneously in Aveiro, Portugal (Universidade de Aveiro) and Melbourne, Australia (Deakin University)! Bringing together PLE communites from two different parts of the world is really exciting! As we are brainsorming for come creative solutions – your ideas on how to enhance interaction are very welcome!

The conference will take place from July 11th to 13th 2012 – so mark your calendar!

We are also currently working on two special editions for the DER and IJVPLE journal. As the reviewing process is already under way, selected submissions from the PLE Conference 2011 will be published in one of both journals soon.As we will keep on working on the programme in the next weeks, it’s best to keep in touch via Twitter –  hashtag #PLEConf – and to visit the official website – – for updates.

For publication of selected papers from the PLE Conference 2010 check the special edition of Digital Education Review on Personal Learning Environments.

Let’s keep the ball rolling!