Diversity Conference #DivCon

The international Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2013 organised by Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. tool place this weekend – 9th/10th November 2013 – in a great location – GLS Campus – in Prenzlauer Berg quarter in Berlin. You can follow the Tweets with the hashtag: #DivCon.

The Diversity Conference was dedicated to promoting diversity in the Wikipedia community. The two key goals were:

  • Establish a sustainable dialogue with collaborators in Wikimedia Chapters, the Wikimedia Foundation and the international communities to frame the issue of diversity in the context of Wikimedia.
  • Connect, multiply and create successful initiatives for increasing gender and other types of diversity in Wikimedia.

I was honoured to open the conference with the first presentation in which I focused on the findings from our German diversity project called “Wikipedia Diversity”.

You can find my slides on SlideShare:

and the notes taken by participants in Etherpad: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/openinnovation

Also me and the great activist Netha Hussain from India, have organised a workshop on designing diversity. It turned out to be a great, collaborative session in which all participants presented their current diversity-promoting activities, identified current problems and underrepresented groups and worked together on possible solutions. We took a broad look at diversity, encompassing not only gender issues, but also geo-diversity, language-diversity as well as occupational and educational diversity as sub-dimensions of the socio-demographic diversity of Wikipedians.

You can view the etherpad notes on this one here: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/design-diversity

It was a great event with many dedicated and like-minded people who want to contribute to change and promote diversity. It was great to be part of the event and get inspired by the many great diversity-enhancing activities from around the globe.

I am really looking forward to new projects and collaborations in 2014!!!


Wikipedia-Diversity is a new collaboration between Wikimedia Germany and Gender & Technology Center at Beuth University, dedicated to promoting diversity in Wikipedia. We have just started in February and are starting off with an interdisciplinary research team bringing in expertise from pedagogy, psychology, sociology and culture studies. The topic is super interesting and the team truly dedicated so I am really glad to lead this project. Our first common paper describing the approach was accepted for the eSociety Conference 2013 and I enjoyed presenting and discussing with the eSociety community in March (presentation below). Our approach is based on transdisciplinary principles (as we intend to utilise approaches from various disciplines to find best possible solutions) and on the principles of open innovation (as we intend to support the sharing of ideas, skills and resources from inside-out and outside-in). We are now prioritising the common goals for the overall strategy and the milestones for the first year of the project. This summer semester I will be also working with my students in the course “Media Didactics and Learning Design” at Beuth University on designing digital learning materials addressing specific aspects related to fostering diversity. It is a very exciting phase and I just can’t stop thinking about solutions and ideas.

  • If you know of some inspiring approaches that may be relevant for our project, please let me know!
  • If you are interested to find out more, I am curating resources on ScoopIt: Wikipedia-Diversity on Scoop it
  • If you want to read in German, here is the project website (under construction): WiDi project website