Mobile Learning Compendium 2018

Mobile Learning Compendium / Handbuch Mobile Learning edited by Claudia de Witt and Christina Gloerfeld from FernUniversitaet in Hagen was published  in 2018 by Springer and is a comprehensive handbook with 45 chapters in German (1015 pages!) dedicated to a large spectrum of aspects related to mobile learning.

It is an impressive collection divided into five thematic sections with a number of subsections:

  1. Foundations and State of the Art
    • Changes in learning and teaching through mobile learning
    • Technological foundations
    • Data protection and copyrights
  2. Theoretical Underpinnings
  3. Didactical Design and Implications
    • Conditions
    • Planing and conception
    • Design and implementation
    • Evaluation and management of mobile learning
  4. Mobile Learning in Educational Contexts
    • School Education
    • Higher Education
    • Vocational Education
  5. Future of Mobile Learning

I am very glad to have been part of this project and to have contributed a chapter titled “Changes in Didactics through Mobile Learning” in the first part of the book.

You can find out more about the Mobile Learning Compendium / Handbuch Mobile Learning 2018 on Springer website: