Digital Skills Workshop Proceedings DeLFI2020

We have been organising digital skill workshops as part of the DeLFI Conference for three years now in different teams. In 2020 we organised the third workshop titled “Digital Skills Workshop: Modelling, Capturing, Cataloguing, Processing and Certification”. The focus of the third workshop was on the scientific challenges in the modelling of semantic competence definitions.

Some of the workshop contributions addressed digital credentials such as Open Badges as an answer to some of the drawbacks of traditional certificates such as incompatibility for machine processing and semantic search as well as an impediment in digitisation of education on all levels including certification. Some of the key contributions touched upon skill matching and skills intelligence through application of ontologies and semantic technologies, as well as different forms of competency modelling.

You can view all publications from the DeLFI2020 workshop on digital skills in the DeLFI2020 workshop proceedings.


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