Wearables & Learning

We started the Special Interest Group on Wearable Enhanced Learning together with Ralf Klamma from RWTH Aachen und Fridolin Wild from Oxford Brookes University only in 2015. The interest in wearable enhanced learning has been growing rapidly. This year, at EC-TEL 2016 in Lyon France, we have organised already the 4th SIG WELL workshop!

This time, the SIG WELL workshop focused on prototypes and experiences with Wearable Enhanced Learning. We have had a number of interesting presentations on different applications of wearables. Here is the list:

  1. SIG WELL – Introduction – Ilona Buchem, Fridolin Wild, Ralf Klamma
  2. WeKit: Wearable Experience for Knowledge Intensive Training – Ralf Klamma & Fridolin Wild
  3. DevOpsUse for Large-Scale Social Requirements Engineering – Ralf Klamma & Milos Kravcik
  4. Wearables for Healthy Ageing – Ilona Buchem
  5. BBC micro:bit Maker-Boards – István Koren
  6. Tactile Feedback – Jazz Rasool, Carl Smith & Jazz Rasool
  7. Kinemata – motion memory enhanced – Jana Pejoska
  8. Smart Medical Simulation Team Training – Brenda Bannan
  9. The TCBL Project – Paul Lefrere, Fridoln Wild & Jesse Marsh
  10. Cognitive behavioural therapy training with wearables – Mikhail Fominykh

For more information about this event, please visit the SIG WELL website:




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