Policy Recommendations for Open Badges

We have just published the first discussion paper on policy recommendations for establishing Open Badges in Europe as part of the Erasmus+ strategic partnership “Open Badge Network”: http://www.openbadgenetwork.com, which brings together organisations from across Europe to support the development of an Open Badge ecosystem, promoting the use of Open Badges to recognise non-formal and informal learning.

The policy discussion paper is a contribution of the Open Badge Network to the ongoing debate on potentials and challenges of Open Badges, especially in their use as digital credentials.

The paper provides policy-makers with an overview of the basic principles, concepts and applications of Open Badges as instruments of digital credentialing, with the results of the first targeted analysis of potentials and challenges of using Open Badges as digital credentials from the perspective of policy-makers in different European countries and formulates some first actionable recommendations for developing, implementing and evaluating digital credentialing policies, strategies and action plans.

The paper includes results of policy recommendations research conducted in the Open Badge Network project with the aim of eliciting the opinions of policy makers about Open Badges in view of digital credentialing. This research includes:

  • Results of the European Policy Online Survey with selected European policy makers
  • Results of the Germany Policy Online Survey focusing on establishing Open Badges at policy levels in Germany
  • Results of the European Commission Policy Consultations in Brussels
  • Results of the Europass Working Group on Innovation Consultations
  • Results of the PIAAC Consultations (PIAAC = Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies).

We have opened a forum on the Open Badge Network portal and invite comments and feedback on the policy paper. For our project it is a preliminary policy document in the charting out the main directions for the follow-up White Paper on Open Badges Policies. So the feedback from the Community is very valuable to us!

We are looking forward to discussions about possible directions for establishing Open Badges as policy levels in Europe and beyond!

Suggested citation: Buchem, Ilona; van den Broek, Erik & Lloyd, Nigel (2016). Discussion Paper on Open Badges at Policy Levels (Open Badge Network, Erasmus+). URL: http://www.openbadgenetwork.com/outputs/policy-levels


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