Open Badges – DACH Communities and Events

Open Badges are beginning to gain momentum in Europe. We are just starting to grow our Open Badges DACH Usergroup (OB-DACH) for DACH countries (Germany D, Austria A, Switzerland CH) inspired by the Open Badges ANZ Usergroup for Australia and New Zealand (OB-ANZ).

I would like to invite you to join our Google+ DACH Community and connect with us on Twitter – @DACHbadges.

For all German-speaking users of Open Badges there is also the German Badge Design Canvas.

The original canvas has been developed by DigitalMe in UK to guide the design process of Open Badges.

Here are some of the upcoming events on Open Badges in Germany:

Here is the Open Badge for the participants of the “Open Badges for Open Education” workshop on 7th September 2015 in Berlin:

I am looking forward to community building and connecting with Open Badges practitioners and researchers!


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