User Engagement Design in Wearable Enhanced Learning

This week I was pleased to present our work on User Engagement (UE) design in the fMOOC project at the iLRN2015 – Immersive Learning Research Network Conference in Prague.

The conceptual design of the fMOOC is based on the concept of extended Personal Learning Environments (eX-PLE) in sense of permeable physical and virtual spaces, which are constructed dynamically through the practice of “mobility” across spaces, contexts, concepts and time. The fMOOC design integrates the Massive Open Online Learning Approach with wearable technologies to enable seamless learning as part of daily life. In our paper:

Buchem, Ilona, Merceron, Agathe, Kreutel, Jörn, Haesner, Marten, Steinert, Anika (2015). Designing for User Engagement in Wearable-Technology Enhanced Learning for Healthy Ageing. iLRN Conference 2015, Workshop Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Intelligent Environments, Link to Proceedings (eBook as PDF download): 

we propose a multi-layer user engagement model which drives the design of user engagement at five levels, i.e. conceptual design, requirements design, instructional design, architecture design and interface design. We consider User Engagement (UE) as the quality of the User Experience (UX) which is characterised by the positive aspects of the interaction, such as being captivated, focused attention, sense of control, willingness to repeat the learning experience. 

You can view the slides on SlideShare:


User Engagement in Wearable Enhanced Learning


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