Open Badges for Online Reputation

The January 2015 eMadrid Seminar at Universidad Carlos III was dedicated to “Badges for the Recognition of Learning in the Digital Age”.

I was honoured to be one of the speakers together with Michael Amigot (IBL Studios Education), Daniel T. Hickey (Indiana University) and José Cuerva (Instituto de Tecnologías Educativas y de Formación del Profesorado). You can view the eMadrid Semianar program here.

My talk focused on using Open Badges for the recognition of learning and online reputation in context of my recent projects:

  • Beuth Badges, in which we develop a badging system for Beuth University,
  • Credit Points, in which we have applied Open Badges to recognise learning and enhance online reputation of migrant academics,
  • Badge Europe, in which we develop a network of stakeholders,an Open Badge MOOC and a European infrastructure for Open Badges.

Based on the rationale that Open Badges can be used to recognise and communicate learning which takes place not only in formal settings (which is believed to make approx. only 10% of all learning) but also in informal and non-formal settings (which makes most of learning), I discussed badges as the missing link in the “open education ecosystem”. My argument was that Open Badges may provide value added to the current credentialing system especially in view of  the demand of unique skills and talents on the occupational market place.

You may view the recording of my talk on Vimeo.

Below are also my slides from SlideShare:

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