Europortfolio German Chapter

The Europortfolio German Chapter was launched on 3rd December 2014 during the international conference Online Educa Berlin 2014.

We invite everyone interested in ePortfolios to participate in the German ePortfolio community and contribute to its further development. The German Chapter as a Community of Practice of ePortfolio stakeholders intends to:

  • Popularise ePortfolio in Germany as an approach to support lifelong learning;
  • Gather and visualise information on ePortfolio uses and use forms including technical, conceptual and educational issues related to ePortfolios development and ePortfolio implementation,
  • Bring together different stakeholders interested in ePortfolios to discuss related issues,
  • Foster interdisciplinary communication and collaboration between various stakeholders,
  • Map the hitherto developments and work conducted as part of the ePortfolio movement in Germany,
  • Increase transparency of initiatives, projects and research on ePortfolios in Germany,
  • Jointly develop research questions and initiate research on ePortfolios,
  • Initiate research and development projects related to ePortfolios,
  • Increase the number of publications on ePortfolios,
  • Foster international networking and exchange in German speaking countries, EU and beyond.

We welcome everyone interested in ePortfolios to connect and work with us!

Here is a link our kick-off webinar on Thursday, 29th January 2015, 6.00 – 7.30 pm CET in Adobe Connect: (please log in as “guest”)

We will introduce the German Chapter and our first ideas about community activities in 2015.

Join us to discuss and plan together! 

The founding members of the German Chapter:

berlin epnet meetings 557

Prof. Dr. Ilona Buchem

Prof. Dr. Matthias Rohs

Timo van Treeck, M.A.

Jörg Hafer

Sibylle Würz

Christian Kleinhanß

Photo by Darren Cambridge CC NC-BY-SA

What is Europortfolio? 

Europortfolio is a not-for profit association being developed with the support of European Commission as a central part of EPNET project, dedicated to exploring how ePortfolios and ePortfolio related technologies and practices can help empower individuals, organisations and wider society. Europortfolio provides a network for those doing ePortfolio and related work across Europe; to build the use of e-portfolios across communities, and to provide opportunities for future partnership working.

You can find out more about the Europortfolio here.


3 thoughts on “Europortfolio German Chapter

  1. Dear Ilona, loved to read about the German ePortfolio chapter but I wonder whether it would not be easier to get contributions and make people cooperate and collaborate if the language was German – for a German chapter … I do not have a problem with English but it might be a barrier to other people who are not very at ease if they have to write English …

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