Digital Literacy and Education

In 2014 Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. hosted a series of events on “Digital Competencies”. The fifth and final event of the series took place on 17th November 2014 and was dedicated to the digitisation of education. The question of the event was “Digital learning on your own – How do we deal with changes in learning?”. Even if I had barely time to prepare as I was invited last minute to substitute for a colleague, I enjoyed the podium discussion with: Simon Koehl, Nina Lindlahr and Axel Krommer,

The common denominator of the discussion was that there is still much to be done in formal education as far as digital literacy of teachers and students is concerned. Also everyone tended to agree that digital media will keep on playing an important role both in formal and informal learning, which will contribute to diminishing of boundaries between different learning contexts as well as between teaching and learning, eventually leading to new hybrid forms of learning.

You can find the notes from the event including video recordings in Wikimedia Blog.


Photo by S. Horn Dasch (WMDE), CC-BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons


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