Digital Learning and Open Badges

My participation in “Digital Learning” event by Wikimedia Deutschland came as a surprise and turned out to be an interesting panel and discussion session on digital learning and digital competencies in formal and informal education. Some of the issues raised where how to bring informal and formal learning together and what competencies will be necessary to engage in digital learning or learning in digitised conditions in the future. As far as the integration of formal and informal learning is concerned, one of the most promising approaches to me are Personal Learning Environments and Personal Learning Networks, as they are both very useful in supporting learners in connecting different spheres of learning. As far as the future competencies for leaning in digitised environments, I think that “knowing yourself” and “learning how to learn” will be crucial for self-directed learning in environments abundant with data, media, resources, means of communication and means of expression. What role can Open Badges play in all this? As “knowing yourself” and “learning how to learn” also include self-reflection and self-assessment, we could think about how Open Badges may support self-reflection and self-assessment (e.g. What are my strengths? How do I learn best?) in the process of mutual awareness-building in open learning environments.

Here are my slides and here the recording of the live stream.

Thanks Axel Krommer and Simon Köhl for a good session!


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