Mobile Learning and Open Badges

I have been invited to give a presentation on Mobile Learning and Open Badges at the Mobile Learning Day X(tended) 2014 at Fernuni Hagen (Germany). It has been a good impulse to start thinking about how open badges can be used in mobile learning scenarios and whether there is any difference to non-mobile uses and platforms. Will there be anything like a mobile badge in the future? Or are open badges already mobile because the very OBI infrastructure enables to issue and display badges across systems, contexts and people? During the Mozilla Festival 2014 event of our new EU project on open badges – Badge Europe – we have discussed future visions and scenarios on open badges and the idea of a digital badge card, similar to the electronic ticketing such as oyster card, emerged from this discussion. The idea is that one day we could have a digital card with different digital artefacts on it, including badges, we we could sweep at terminals to convert badges to something different, be it an entrance to a workshop, a lecture, coaching or consulting. Yet again this idea considers the mobility of a badge based on its exchange across systems, contexts and people.

I wonder if the mobility of a badge could be also considered on a different level. Any thoughts on this?

Below are my slides (in German) on open badges and mobile learning, where I have given two examples of mobile communities (busuu & foodzy) which already apply badges, not open badges though.


2 thoughts on “Mobile Learning and Open Badges

  1. Vielen Dank für diese Informationen. Gerade die SlideShare-Präsentation hat mir mein Vorwissen sehr gut ergänzt! Ich beschäftige mich latent mit den Badges, habe sie aber noch nicht in unsere Ausbildungsgänge integriert bzw. Anstrengungen in diese Richtung unterneommen.
    Vielen Dank
    Stephan Göldi

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