Charting Diversity in Wikipedia

In 2013 Wikimedia Deutschland cooperated with Beuth University of Applied Science on diversity in Wikipedia.

Kompass-DE-ENNow we published the report titled“Charting Diversity – Working together towards diversity in Wikipedia” or in German “Kompass der Vielfalt – Vielfalt in Wikipedia gemeinsam gestalten”. The report includes key conclusions and recommendation for fostering diversity in Wikipedia. I believe our conclusions and recommendations may be also useful to other digital communities who wish to improve diversity on any of the levels described in the report.

You can find both documents (EN & DE) on Commons following these links:

The report will be presented at this year’s Wikimania in London (Aug 6-10)– Thank you to Valentin Münscher and Sebastian Horndasch from the education & knowledge department of Wikimedia Deutschland for taking this forward!

Also there is a Charting Diversity page on meta and we welcome all comments and discussions related to diversity in Wikipedia.

As it is work in progress, everyone is invited to contribute new ideas, other or similar approaches and good examples to inspire the global Wikipedia communities.

Here is the link to the page on meta:

If you are interested in the topic you may also find useful a list of session at Wikimania in London related to gender issues in Wikipedia which Netha Hussain put together:


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