Open Badges for Employment

Open Badges for employment is the focus of my current research in the national project Credit Points and in the ongoing project Beuth Badges at Beuth University, in which we design and develop multiple sets of open badges to recognise and communicate skills and competences of individual learners in diverse contexts and learning paths.

It is a new area of research and there are yet many interesting research questions to ask.

I have presented some of the first ideas related to using open badges for employment application at the EDEN 2014 Conference in Zagreb (Croatia) on 13th June 2014. It was a great conference with a vibrant network of e-learning scholars, researchers and practitioners. Big thank you to organisers and participants. It was a pleasure to meet you all!

You can view my #EDEN14 presentation on open badges and employment on SlideShare.


2 thoughts on “Open Badges for Employment

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