Open Access E-Book on Digital Media & Diversity

Digital Media & Diversity has been the focus of my research and teaching at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin. In the last three semesters students in my courses related to the Internet and the Society, including current developments and uses of Web 2.0, social media and mobile web, have been writing essays on digital media and diversity as part of their coursework. We have put some of the most interesting essays into an e-book, which has now been published under the CC-licence as an open access book.

I am very glad we can make these essays available to everyone as they present capsuled time recordings of how digital media impact our lives nowadays. The book is divided into thematic sections focusing on specific societal issues including health, politics, economy and culture.

Let me just say: A big “Thank you” to all my students who co-authored the essays and to students who worked on creating this publication!

Enjoy reading (in German)!




2 thoughts on “Open Access E-Book on Digital Media & Diversity

  1. Congratulations to all. That’s really a big effort and looks nice 🙂 It’s a pity that I don’t understand German, but, at least, is a nice project that can be an inspiration for our courses 🙂

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