E-Portfolio and Inclusion


The IQ Netzwerk (IQ Network/IQ = Integration through Qualification) is a national network of federal networks in Germany established with the aim of fostering integration of migrants by improving access to information and education, providing consultation on recognising prior education and new qualification programms, including vocational training and higher education.

Our project at Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin titled “Credit Points” is part of the IQ Network Berlin. It is the first project in IQ Network Berlin addressing highly qualified migrants who already completed a higher education programme outside of Germany. The project is dedicated to designing and delivering a student-centered, technology-enhanced qualification and mentoring programme suited to the needs of each individual participant. The aim is to supplement prior qualifications acquired abroad with qualifications provided and recognised in higher education in Germany in order to enhance opportunities on the local labour market and thus foster socio-economic inclusion. As Beuth University is has a strong focus on engineering and technology-related fields, our programme especially addresses alumni with degrees in technical fields, who intend to work in Germany.

The key idea of “Credit Points” is to design and provide individual study programs based on prior qualifications, individual career plans and current family/work situation. As our programme is designed and delivered for the first time in 2013 and 2014, we will be able to cater for 20 personons in this pilot phase. The participants will study for two semesters (winter semester 2013/2014 and summer semester 2014) and obtain a certificate issued by the Beuth University.

We are currently looking for candidates who can apply to the programme via our online system – Online Survey. Alumni with a technical diploma acquired abroad can apply until  the end of June 2013. Who is eligible? Migrants who already completed a higher education programme outside of Germany, already have a degree in a technical field, such as engineering, architecture, urbal design, live in Germany and have a sufficient commad of the German language (C1 level/EQF).

Following the online application, we will invite selected candidates to individual consultations, which will take place at Beuth University. Based on these consultations, an individual study plan will be designed for each participant and will include a unique combination of modules with an individual overall workload which will enable students to aquire an individual amount of credit points (ECTS). The modules will encompass technology-enhanced, distance learning modules combined with face-to-face meetings, career-related mentoring, German and English language coaching and short in-company practice in one of the enterprises in the Berlin/Brandenburg region.

The participants will be documenting their achievements in their individual, digital portfolios – ePortfolios, which can be used as part of the job application after completing the programme. The ePortfolio will enable each student to present their special competencies aquired in the programme and present their unique expertise encompassing prior and current qualifications.

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