Here is a new exciting MOOC coming up!

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I’m glad you inform you that you can now register to the Massive Open Online Course“Educación Digital del Futuro” that we are preparing at the MiriadaX platform.

In this course we will discuss about the most hottest topics in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning: Human Computer Interaction in digital learning environments, the future of online learning – from Learning Management Systems to MOOCs – and the last advances in Mobile Learning.

The course will be lead by the teachers Carlos Delgado Kloos, Antonio Rodriguez de las Heras and Mario Muñoz Organero and will count with the collaboration of Carlos Alario and myself. Also we will count with the participation of really good experts in the field of the Technology Enhanced Learning such as Mike Sharples, Markus Specht and Sheila MacNeill .

Here you have the introduction to the course:

¿Estamos ante un cambio radical en…

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