ePortfolio, gender, identity


The proceeding of the 10th international conference of ePortfolio and Identity – ePIC 2012- have been  recently published. It is great to see here my first research results on “Gender-specific ePortfolio practice and gender-sensitive ePortfolio design” published in the paper with the same title. In 2013 I am planning to conduct further research based on the conceptual framework presented in this paper.

In the proceedings you will find a wide range of publications looking at ePortfolio and Identity from diverse perspectives. the proceedings include special themes, such as ePortfolios in “Healthcare” and “Teacher Education” and  more general sections such as “Identity and Social Recognition”, “Assessment” and “ePortfolio Implementation”.

I especially enjoyed discussions and contributions related to identity and recognitions. My personal highlight of ePIC 2012 was Mozilla’s workshop on Open Badges which really inspired my research this year.

Here is the link to the proceedings of the ePIC Conference 2012.


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