Enhancing Participatory Culture – OEB12

Online Educa Berlin is always a great, international and vibrant experience. This year we – Helen Keegan, Mar Camacho and me – are hosting a workshop at the Online Educa Berlin Pre-Conference. The workshop is titled:

Enhancing Participatory Culture: How to Design International Collaboration with Social and Mobile Media?

and relates to our experience in the iCollaborate project.  The workshop will take place on November 28th at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin.

Here is a short description which you will also find in the conference catalogue:

This workshop provides practical guidelines for designing international collaborations with social and mobile media with the aim of enhancing participatory culture (Jenkins, 2006). This includes peer-to-peer collaboration, creating new digital media forms, mapping professional online identities, participatory curriculum design and shaping the flow of information in dispersed networks. The workshop is based on educational scenarios from the “iCollaborate” project. iCollaborate is an international partnership of educators and learners, who connect globally through co-production of digital content and critique of digital practices from diverse disciplinary backgrounds by using social and mobile media to generate learning contents and contexts. The workshop will be highly interactive, engaging participant in hands-on experience of selected tools and scenarios. Workshop participants will learn about the international collaboration from students’ perspective.

Bringing our students in will definitely add value to the workshop itself and also to the session on the same topic which will find place during the main conference on Thursday, November 29th. You can find more details in the OEB12 conference programme. I am really glad we will be able to listen to students from Berlin in real and students from UK and Spain in virtual. Hope the tech will work all right!


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