I am just reblogging here Mar Pérez-Sanagustín’s blog post about our submission for the workshop “Horizon 2020: Smart Cities learning” that will take place at the Alpine-Rendez-Vouz 2003. I am really looking forward to this workshop and to finding out about other ideas on Smart Cities Learning!

Mar Pérez-Sanagustín's blog

Last week we where informed that the paper I wrote together with Ilona Buchem entitled “Multi-channel, multi-objective, multicontext services: the GLUE of the smart cities learning ecosystem” t has been accepted for the workshop “Horizon 2020: Smart Cities learning” that will take place at the Alpine-Rendez-Vouz 2003.

The paper presents an idea that stems from the concept of   Glocalization by Meyrowitz (see the post I wrote few weeks ago) together with the ideas by Ilona about the chapter she wrote “Twitter as a serendipitous Learning Space“.  Here you have the link to the special issue where you can download the paper.

Smart devices in combination with other digital tools have occupied the cities transforming citizens’ urban experience. People are connected any time and anywhere with their global identities changing their relation to the local. People live in glocalities, where the local and the global co-exists. Glocalities are…

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