Weaving the Web: Campus Party Europe 2012

Campus Party 2012 in Berlin was definitely a great experience and a superb event. And now I even got the certificate of participation (see below).

My absolute favourite was the keynote by Sir Tim Berners-Lee with the message: “keep the web decentralised and open”. Here are some notes I took:

  • keep the design principles with which the web was made: decentralisation and openness
  • keep the spirit of decentralisation of the internet: decentralisation is a property which allows the internet to grow
  • keep the design of platforms accessible to all: design platform so that they can be used by anybody to do anything
  • keep the spirit of openness: all specifications are available for free, but understand “free” as in freedom, and not “free” as free as in beer
  • experiment with lots of different business models, e.g. pay voluntarily, pay as you browse
  • protect the freedom to connect to anywhere and freedom to go to places in privacy
  • overcome the divides: remember about different languages, disabilities etc., when designing systems
  • remember that top-down decision making does not have the necessary properties for the future



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