Networked Identities – an Open Book Project

“Networked Identities” is the title of the open textbook project Serge Ravet (EIFEL) and me have initiated not long ago. The first step of the project is the workshop at the 10th ePortfolio and Identity –  ePIC 2012 – Conference in London. As “Networked Identities” is intended as an open, collaborative project, we invite everyone interested in the questions of:

“How digital technologies reshape identity construction in the 21st century?”

to shape this project with us. The Networked Identities Workshop will be dedicated to collecting the first inputs from the community on the book, discussing book objectives, structure and core areas to be covered. For the time being our introduction to the book says:

“The environment in which we construct and express our identities in the 21st century is being dominated by the ubiquitous presence of digital networks and media. To what extent do digital networks and media contribute to renewed forms of emancipation and/or alienation? How can we maximise their beneficial effects in empowering autonomous identity construction, whilst minimising adverse consequences? Does the emergence of a Cyberspace challenge our current understanding of identity construction? Is it primarily an issue of ‘assimilation’ (integrating new means to do slightly differently what we did before) or ‘accommodation’ (the need to transform our representations and invent new practices)?  What is the impact on the future of education, practice, research, technologies, business models, policies, etc.? Is there a risk that identity-related technologies and regulations might be retrofitted to the ‘real world’ with negative consequences on our freedom? How can citizens be empowered to make contributions to the technology and policy debates on identity issues?”

The Call for Abstracts for the Networked Identities Workshop is at the same time a Call for Chapters and Contributions for the Networked Identities Book. This means you can submit an abstract for the workshop and/or abstract for the book itself. Authors of selected workshop abstracts will be invited to submit chapters for the book.

We are very glad that  Athabasca University Press, a fully open access publisher dedicated to the free dissemination of knowledge throughout the world, has already expressed a keen interest in publishing the collection, contingent on the successful outcome of external peer review.

The digital version of the book will be published under Creative Commons.

We are looking forward to shaing this book with you and welcome first contributions for the Networked Identities Open Textbook!


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