Personal Learning Environments: Call for Contributions

This is the third time we organise the international PLE Conference and the third time we host the PLE Mediacast Contest. Over these three years have built a vivid international community inspired by the idea of Personal Learning Environments (PLE) as a concept reflecting self-directed practice of appropriating convergent media for learning (as I see it). As every year, we invite everyone to participate in the discussion on Personal Learning Environments by taking part in the conference, including the Mediacast Contest, which aims at enhancing the participatory culture (see: Henry Jenkins) also in the academic world.

The PLE Mediacast Contest follows the idea that by producing new creative forms, such as digital videos, individuals and groups can contribute to shaping the evolution of concepts, such as Personal Learning Environments. By creating and shaping the flow of media, each of us has the opportunity to contribute to the global discourse about what we understand under the term “Personal Learning Environments”, to share examples and experiences of Personal Learning Environments, to discuss potentials and challenges of Personal Learning Environments, to bring in perspectives from different domains, including academic perspectives (such as educational, social and computer sciences) and non-academic perspectives (such as enterprise, public and individual practice), and to express own future visions of Personal Learning Environments. Therefore, I would like to invite you to the PLE Mediacast Contest and sharing your own production with the PLE community!

Just a short, personal story to wind up: This year I asked a group of students to create a video announcing the PLE Mediacast Contest. Unfortunately, as it turned out pretty late, the project could not be realised. So there I was end of April without the video we have been planning for months. Disappointed as I was, I realised that it may be a good moment for me to learn how to work with tools sich as iMovie. Surprisingly, producing an own video was much easier than I thought. It took me two evenings altogether to learn the tool and create the video which you can see below.

So, let me just encourage you to participate and let your creativity unfold!

The PLE Mediacast Contest 2012 from Ilona Buchem on Vimeo.