Open Learning and Collaboration 2.0

The Future Social Learning Networks 2012 project (short: FSLN12; hashtag: #FSLN12) has already started at our two partner universities in Israel – Levinsky’s College of Education and Holon Institute of Technology. Tomorrow my course “Media didactics and design” at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin will follow with the first two sessions.

As we say on the FSLN blog:

The overall goal of tFSLN12 is to foster collaboration in international and heterogeneous teams using a wide variety of social media tools. The course will engage students in project-based learning, the active examination with social media in a real-world cooperation scenario as well as with the examination of enablers for mobile learning.

What we are actually doing is fostering open learning and international & interdisciplinary collaboration with Web 2.0. the students from Israel has done great job so far, setting up different learning spaces and creating some awesome intro videos about themselves. You can watch them on the FSLN Vimeo group. Let’s see if my students in Berlin get that creative?! It’s definitely a challenge …

To keep up with the spirit of openness and collaboration, I have put my slides for tomorrow on SlideShare:

I am looking forward to this new experience!

Stayed tuned 🙂

One thought on “Open Learning and Collaboration 2.0

  1. Hi Ilona!
    Although i’m not one of your teams’ members, it was very interesting and motivate to read this post (and the presentation) ! I can share this enthusiasm and i also think it’s a unique experience for us:)

    Greetings from Holon, Israel 🙂


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