Online Educa Berlin 2011 – curated & storified

Online Educa Berlin 2011 was grrrrrr

reat as ever. I have soaked so many impressions again that it is just impossible to write a single blog post about it. That’s why I have just started to curate a topic – Online Educa 2011 – on Storify.

Below is the link to some of the most valuable resources that I would just like to keep for me and share with others. Hope you will find it useful:

Online Educa Berlin 2011 on Storify curated by @mediendidaktik

@bbetts re-tweeted during OEB11: RT @Bilsen: One of the biggest challenges will not be anymore about content development but rather how to organise the curation proces #OEB11


I have just managed to sort things out for the pre-conference and the first conference day. I will be adding other information on the last day soon. Stay tuned!

BTW: When using Storify for curating this topic  I have noticed some shortcomings of this tool, such as:

  • I can’t tag entries and show tags in a cloud
  • The editor is very weak
  • People can’t comment or add own content to my story
  • Some URLs won’t show
  • There are too few sources to choose from (e.g. SlideShare is missing)
  • The Tweets can be traced back only 1-2 days behind

Maybe you could recommend another curation/storytelling tool to me that outperforms storify in these points? Thanx for comments!

3 thoughts on “Online Educa Berlin 2011 – curated & storified

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  2. Hi Ilona, I was very impressed with your use of Storify for #oeb11 and thought I would use it to document #pencilchat. But unfortunately as you say the tweets only go 2 days back. An odd limitation.

    Storify is most elegant multi-platform solution I’ve seen so far. The most popular curation tool is set up to curate web pages, not tweets, videos, etc.

    Thanks for your work. I know I will revisit it quite a bit.

  3. Thank you Joyce. may also recommend Tweets under “Curate” but you can’t choose a Twitter stream by a particular Hashtag, that’s right. Do you use other curation tools?

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