L3T: Collaboration and Open Access

Do you know the #L3T book? Yesterday, Christian Lehr and me, as co-authors of the prize-winning Open Access textbook L3T,  represented the L3T project at the SuMa Awards 2011 ceremony. L3T project is  one of the four innovative projects related to digital knowledge awarded this year. L3T is a great example of how  collaboration and open access principles can be applied to creating textbooks. Also it is a great example of how two people – Martin Ebner & Sandra Schön – can take a a bold idea like this forward with their engagement and enthusiasm – working completly in a honorary capacity!

I am very proud to be a contributor to this book. All L3T chapters are open access and can be used in schools, universities etc. If you like a particular chapter and you think it is useful, you can become a “godparent” of this chapter and support it with a charitable donation. Just click on the image below to see the the list of all chapters:

Let me just mention the other three prize-winning projects which are also wonderful examples of initiatives created by people for the people:

Here you can also view the presentation from the SuMa Awards ceremony on SlideShare.


Thank you to Christian Lehr for presenting the project at SuMa Wards!

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