Content curation

I am just exploring content curation on social media and I am really loving it!

I have been using for a few days now, discovering how I can become a curator of a topic that is interesting to me. When choosing a topic I had two thoughs in mind – I wanted to do something focused and something else than I do on other social media. I decided to go for Social Media Research. I know that the description “Social Media Research” has been used in reference to social media marketing, but I intentionally want to give it a different touch – focusing on Social Media Research in education, information and social sciences, encompassing all the different topics related to E-Learning 2.0 sensu Stephen Downes.

I noticed that aiming at curation and using as a supporting tool allows me to take a different take on selecting and publishing content:

  • Focusing on sharing and recommending content produced by other people – as opposed to blogging, where I rather focus on my own content.
  • Giving me more space to organize and comment on content – longer posts and related visual representation as opposed to Tweets on Twitter.
  • Giving me a place to aggregate content and visually display the organization of this content as micro-content – as opposed to Diigo or Delicious which rather let’s me collect nano-content (smaller bits of information).

What I like about curating a topic is that it makes me look for and filter relevant content which I know I can preserve somewhere. It’s like taking snapshots of an ever changing stream of information.

So this is my page on Social Media Research:

Also check out these interesting posts on content curation:

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