Value added of Google+ ?

I have been wondering about the value added of Google+ in the last days. I have been adding contacts to my circles just to see what happens and how it all develops. However I did not really use it at it just seemed to be the very same functionality that Twitter created long time ago with Twitter lists – there you can create lists with Twitter users and follow their Twitter streams.

Ok, in Google+ you can add more than Twitter streams, but somehow I could not really grasp the value added. Today after the explosion in Oslo, Siegfried Hirsch created a public Google+ Oslo page with recommendations for contacts reporting from the location and a collection of relevant links.

It struck me how well Google+ was  appropriated for this purpose with all the limitations that G+ brings at the moment. For example it would be very useful if such a public circle could be shared or cloned by single users and contacts could be added wither directly or as a recommendation that have to be accepted by the owner.

Siegfried Hirsch mentioned in his comment that G+ has just bought which specializes in group coordination and sharing. It will be exciting to see how it all develop.


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