Portfolia 2011 Berlin

Today I participated in Portfolia 2011 –  a workshop on E-Portfolios organised by eLearning Comptence Center at HTW University of Applied Sciences aiming at promoting E-Portfolios in Higher Education in Berlin. Today’s agenda comprised following topics:

  • Accredition of Prior Learning and E-Portfolios
  • Bottom-Up Strategies to Implementing E-Portfolios in HE
  • E-Portfolio Initative Berlin/Brandenburg
  • E-Portfolio Case Studies
  • E-Portfolio Standards

It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences and of course to network with interesting people.

A big “thank you” to @Marcel Dux for organising this great event!

Here is my presentation on “the bottom-up strategy to implementing e-portfolion in HE. Reflections from E-Portfolio Initiative Berlin.” The point I was making is that  implementation of e-portfolios requires change management and especially bottom-up strategies to promoting understanding of e-portfolios and change of personal concepts on teaching. The change of teaching culture in educational institutions needs to be supported by bottom-up processes so that innovative uses of e-portfolios can emerge. This is what we are doing in E-Portfolio Initiative Berlin – facilitating networking on the regional level, enhancing awareness of e-portfolio concepts and technologies, creating transparency and providing space for knowledge exchange and possible cooperations.


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