iArchitecture Collaborative Project

I am very glad to have been invited to participate in the iArchitecture Collaborative Project started by Thomas Cochrane, Academic Advisor in eLearning & Learning Technologies at Unitec Auckland (New Zealand). The project aims to promote international collaboration between student groups and collaborative teaching using mobile Web 2.0 tools. Some of the first ideas are to use:

  • Twitter for communication and sharing of ideas
  • Student blogs for recording project progress and peer-feedback
  • Mobile student-generated media (e.g.  images on Flickr or videos on YouTube)
  • Student-team projects in each country/course
  • Skype remote presentations from each project leader

Participants in iArchitecture Project are Unitec New Zealand, Sheffield University, Salford University, University of Tarragona and Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin.

To communicate and share ideas and artifacts related to this project we use the hashtag #iarch2011 (Twitter, YouTube etc.)

You can find our introductory videos on YouTube.

Here is my introduction, which I recorded today using my LG mobile phone and sending it directly to YouTube via WLAN.


2 thoughts on “iArchitecture Collaborative Project

  1. Excellent work. University of Auckland PhD student Markus Stammer and myself undertook between 2006-2008 an action research project on collaboratively writing on a conference paper with the special task to use the small time window to work in sync (due to 10 hours time zone difference).

    Skype and other social and collaborative tools were intensely tested and used.

    Topic: Applying System Dynamics & Lean Thinking to develop learning games for higher management to run companies more effectively.

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