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I like this blogpost by Steven Wheeler on Personal Learning Resources and the picture of his book shelf.  It’s good to think of an own PLE in broader terms again …

Today I have come across an application called Shelfari which enables you to pick up books you have read, you are reading or you plan to read on put then on a virtual bookshelf. You can also connect with friends, see what they read, discuss, rate, write reviews, tag, share, create group book shelves and much more. To me Your Shelf seems to be a great way to keep track of what I have been reading and what I am planning to read, but also to peep into book shelves of the people in my network.

And I am still discovering it. First I thought it was only for books written in English – but no – you can also find books written in other languages. And to my greates surprise I have even found my dissertation! I thought it was lost forever in the cellars of the national library 😉

I also like the 1001 books you should read before you die – link

Oh yes, you can see my bookshelf here.

I have also set up a group for like-minded people and called it “Pedagogy 2.0”. I am not sure if it’s of any use though – will have to see if someone joins in. So maybe you stop by and add a book? Here is the link

BTW: It could be also useful to set up a group for o group of learners in formal settings. Maybe I could do it for my lecture on Web 2.0 & the society…


4 thoughts on “Personal Learning Resources

  1. I’ve started to build up my virtual library with goodreads. The bookshelf is not as stylish as in shelfari, however there seems to be a bigger community. We are using it for a seminar (French teaching methodology) about reading, writing reviews and discussing books.

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