PLE_BCN workshop – collaborative mind mapping (BYOL)

Hello everyone, this time a blog post in English here  – well I might be switching between German and English in the next months …

So this one is about the workshop on collaborative mind mapping at the PLE Conference in Barcelona aiming at outlining the PLE concept, starting with the the main dimensions: (1) learning, (2) technology, (3) content  (4) and social interaction . The aim is to integrate different aspects related to these dimensions in a comprehensive definition of Personal Learning Environments and in this way bringing different perspectives  in one collective mind map together.

What’s special about this workshop is that both direct participants  of the PLE Conference and everyone who wants to/can access the mindmap map virtually, can take part in this workshop.  Yes, it’s an experiment! For those participating directly at the conference venue it is important to remember that this will be a  bring-your-own-laptop session (BYOL) – so take your laptop with you! Also a larger screen makes working on the mind map much easier!  Both direct and remote participants should set up their mindmeister accounts prior to the workshop to be able to work on the map.  The workshop is going to take place this Friday, 9 th July, 15:45 – 17:00 CEST. During the workshop participants will be divided into four groups each working on one main dimension = branch of the PLE mind map.  Each group will be supported by a different co-moderator:

  1. PLE dimension “Learning” will be moderated by Ilona Buchem
  2. PLE dimension  “Technology” will be moderated by Wolfgang Reinhardt
  3. PLE dimension “Content” will be moderated by George Couros
  4. PLE dimension “Social Change” will be moderated by Cristina Costa

These moderators will support dialogue between direct participants, encourage sharing of ideas and help with drafting out the PLE dimensions .  Parallel to the session at the PLE Conference, remote participants can add their conctepts virtually contributing to the growth of the map. At the end of the session, key points will be discussed und connections between different aspects established on the map.

There is an initial public mindmeister map as a starting point for this workshop. It will be open for editions shortly before the workshop on Friday afternoon. Here is the new Workshop presentation summarizing key pints about the workshop

You might also want to check the aggregation of different PLE definitions in presentation I put on SlideShare a while ago and the PLE_BCN Conference Programme.

I am really looking forward to this workshop. It will be so exciting to see how the experiment with direct + remote participation works out and what the outcome is going to be!

Ah, one more thing – the mind map of the PLE concept that will be created, will be available online after the conference, so that it can be developed, refined and structred.

So, hope to see your digital traces on the mind map soon! Keep your mind open 😉


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