#PLE_BCN Collaborative Mindmapping: Update

Just a few hours ago we (me, Cristina Costa, George Couros and Wolfgang Reinhardt) had a fruitful chat an Skype and changed the way we want to engage people into discussing what PLEs are about during the workshop. Instead of having each co-moderator discuss one of the key aspects with a group, we want to discuss all aspects in each group. We hope this way we can connect ideas much better and we will surely be more flexible to change, rename and move things around on the mindmap. Also it will be very interesting to compare the different mindmaps people will create, including the mindmap created by “virtual” (=remote) participants. The idea is that each group can work on an own, unique mindmap. Technically speaking we will “clone” the starting map (below).

What is important about this map is that it is a starting point for a discussion. None of the branches is fixed and necessary – on the contrary it should challenge us to reorganize it, change it and extended it based on personal views. Since we will be doing this in groups it will be important to negotiate meaning and definition of PLEs and concepts constituting it.  What I find especially interesting about this social negotiation of meaning is to find out what different perspectives will come together in this workshop and to discover the “economy of meaning” as Wenger calls it, meaning that different participants have different degrees onf ownership of the meanings that define their communities. I think it will be a great learning experience!

And the great news is that George Coursos will be moderating this session! He has blogged about it in his recent post – he encourages us to share our thoughts, so let’s do it!

I can only quote him here: “a mutually agreed upon definition will not likely be reached, but it would be great to hear your ideas”.


3 thoughts on “#PLE_BCN Collaborative Mindmapping: Update

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